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Long time!

Hey all! To those who still come on my LJ to check to see if I will ever upload anything, sorry! D: I've had a lot happen in the last 5 years and it just hasn't left me much time to write here or do icons anymore. I'm not sure I will ever post here again, though I do occasionally check on peoples' LJs just in case. (:
I mostly keep to Facebook for my personal stuff and post my artwork on a few platforms. The time I've been spending has been with my little family which is actually about to grow real soon again since I'm pregnant with my 3rd! This month I've been busy with commissions and making gifts for my nieces and nephews (quite a large list lol) so if you don't see anything within the last week or so on my artwork don't fret, I'll post them when they are all said and done. ;)

If you are interested in checking out my artwork and whatnot you can check out the links below:


Hope you all are doing well and having a wonderful December! ♥

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The Fall

What on earth...

Hey everyone! I haven't been on here due to life being crazy and keeping up with other blogs. I was recently browsing my GIMP tutorial section and found that all the images from ImageShack are gone! ): I'm currently looking through my external hard drive to rectify the situation so that the tutorials won't be confusing. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to fix all of the tutorial images, at least the ones from the beginning because I didn't label them back then. =/

Hope you all are doing good! ♥
Harry Potter


I'm having a drawing contest! If any of you are interested please click the link below to read more info. (:

For the color theme it will be up to you but, whatever color you choose it must be obvious that it's the main color. Take these, for example:

THEME: Digital/Traditional - Color Themed

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Art Critiques

Hey! So I'm starting a art critique blog on Tumblr and I was curious if anyone else would like to participate? Basically artists would enter in their own artwork and people would critique them. It's so people can grow as artists and along the way others can learn how to critique better than saying "that's nice", etc. Would anybody be interested?