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Tutorial 69

I've been looking around at a ton of gorgeous graphics on livejournal and some of the selective coloring I would love to do but I no longer have photoshop, particularly this coloring I'll be going over. So! I set out to figure it out and this is what I came up with. I hope you like it and that it's useful! (:

From this: to this:

I used this picture:

Keep in mind this may not work with every picture, you'll need to play around with it.
  1. I started off with duplicating the base once.

  2. Take the duplicate and go to Colors:Auto:Color Enhance and set that layer to Screen, opacity 30.

  3. Duplicate that layer and set to Soft Light, opacity 60.

  4. Merge all.

  5. Next, I did a Color Balance:
    Midtones: -45,0,0,0
    (preserve luminosity on)

  6. Duplicate that layer and for this I used Channel Mixer:
    Red: 160, -60, 0
    Green: 0, 100, 0
    Blue: -60, 65, 100
    (preserve luminosity on)

    set that to Multiply, opacity 100 (play with your settings!).

  7. Duplicate that layer to Value, 100.

  8. I duplicate that layer one more time and set it at Soft Light, 100.
    Now, you could stop there, but I went on. (:

  9. Make a new layer: Layer:New Layer and fill it with the color #22201f setting it at Lighten, 60.

And that's it! :D Here are some more examples:

I'd love see your results!

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