Valliegurl (valliegurl) wrote,

Ask Me Anything!

Ask me any of these and I'll answer your question in a video. (:

  1. What's your name?

  2. 3 fears you have.

  3. 3 things you love.

  4. Who is your best friend.

  5. Best first date.

  6. How tall are you?

  7. What do you miss?

  8. Favourite color?

  9. Favourite quote?

  10. Favourite place?

  11. Favourite food?

  12. First thing you notice in a new person.

  13. Shoe size.

  14. Favourite movie?

  15. What's your favorite genre of music.

  16. Favourite band.

  17. What is your favorite show?

  18. Your current relationship status.

  19. Favorite holiday.

  20. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

  21. The reason you joined Tumblr.

  22. What was the last book you've read?

  23. Do you have any nicknames?

  24. What was the worst injury you've ever had?

  25. Favorite animal?

  26. What is your favorite word?

  27. Your top 5 blogs on Tumblr

  28. Had a job?

  29. Played sports on a team?

  30. Broken a bone?

  31. Been to prom?

  32. Met someone famous?

  33. What inspires you to draw?

  34. Are you afraid of the dark?

  35. What is your favorite drawing medium? (traditional, digital, mixed media, etc...)

  36. What is your favorite holiday?

  37. How many countries have you visited?

  38. Have you made a prank phone call?

  39. Do you own a gun?

  40. Any questions you'd like
Tags: ask, fun, meme, valliegurl, video

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