Valliegurl (valliegurl) wrote,

Round #31 - Luke Skywalker

Haha, I decided to join another 20in20. Didn't realize these existed before! :P This is for starwars20in20. :D


Compassion Hot Iconic Night Primary Color
Rotation Song Title Stock Item Weapon Weird

5 CATEGORY - Negative Space
## ## ## ## ##

Artist's Choice #1 Artist's Choice #2 Artist's Choice #3 Artist's Choice #4 Artist's Choice #5
Tags: 20in20, a new hope, icon, luke skywalker, return of the jedi, star wars, the empire strikes back, val houser, valliegurl
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These are great! Favorites are Song Title & Stock Item. :)
:D thank you! ♥
cool icons! :)
thanks! xD
Nice work on the Cat set! I also like 'Hot' and 'Song Title'.
thank you! I'm glad you like them! ♥
Wonderful job! :D I especially love "Rotation", "Compassion", "Song Title" and "Weird".
thank you! :D
I love Compassion, Hot, Stock Item, Song Title and category set. :) All of them are very nice!
thank you! I'm glad you like them :D
OMG, they're so beautiful! I adore the Negative Space and Artist's Choice sets. Thanks for sharing such wonderful icons and good luck at the competition ;)
thank you! ♥
Snagged one of the "Iconic" ones and will credit if used. :)
thank you! xD
Gorgeous! I love "Song Title" and "Iconic!"
thank you! ♥
Lovely set! I love Night, Primary Color, Song Title, Weapon, Cat #1 & 2, and AC #3 :)
thank you! :D
Gorgeous icons! My fav is Primary Color =)
thanks!! <3