Valliegurl (valliegurl) wrote,

Art Critiques

Hey! So I'm starting a art critique blog on Tumblr and I was curious if anyone else would like to participate? Basically artists would enter in their own artwork and people would critique them. It's so people can grow as artists and along the way others can learn how to critique better than saying "that's nice", etc. Would anybody be interested?
Tags: art, blog, critique
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That sounds very interesting, indeed, my dear!:) I'd be interested, but it seems I need to look into Tumblr, hehe, don't have an account over there!
in this case, you wouldn't necessarily have to have a tumblr to participate (: all you would have to do is put your name and email and upload the picture you want. :D I believe the same can be done with commenting
Cool, I didn't know that!:) I'll have to do it later on-on my way off and out at the momet, hehe!:):):)