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It's a community that is using some sort of RSS feed or something to randomly grabs icons, pics and small graphics posted anywhere on LJ at any given time and posts them as icon posts for people to snag on. AND it's hotlinking every single picture it's posting. Like 200+ pictures per post all hotlinked from various places on LJ. There are thousands of icons and even what looks to be personal pictures being hotlinked from LJ posts and posted in the iconscraper community.

Of course there is no credit given or even acknowledgment or explanation. It's been reported to LJ by some people already, however there is strength in numbers.

You can contact the Abuse Team by going here.

You can stop the com from getting your icons by doing this:

-Go to the Admin Console
- FOR A PERSONAL JOURNAL: Type "set latest_optout yes" without the quotations into the box, and hit execute.
- FOR A COMMUNITY: Type "set for communityname latest_optout yes" without quotations into the box, and hit execute.
Tags: hotlinking

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