Valliegurl (valliegurl) wrote,

Tutorial 29

Requested by chaoticgraphics. :*

From this: to this:

This is an older icon. :D Let's start with this base:

Sharpen the picture up to 40. I smoothed his skin a little with the Tear Drop tool.
Now, I went and and colored his cheeks a bit (instead of it being green) by doin this:
Layer: Color: Auto: White Balance (you can probably fiddle around with Curves if you can't do that)

Duplicate your base and set it to Screen opacity at 100.
Make a new layer and put the color #81cbf2, setting it to Burn, opacity 100.
I made another layer and added the color #040c2c, setting it to Screen, 100. Duplicate that layer and set the duplicate to Difference, 60.

Make two new layers and add this color to the first layer: #a4f8e7, opacity at Burn, 60.
For the second layer, add this color: #ffd7cb, Multiply opacity at 20

Duplicate the light blue layer (#81cbf2) and bring it to the top. Set the opacity to 50.
I then added a tiny text brush by joyfulsong:

(It's a white brush, that's why you can't see it. :P ) And that is it! :D


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Tags: gimp, tutorial

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