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Tutorial 65

This was requested by vevystefana. <3

From this: to this:

Used a picture of Emma Watson (sorry, I couldn't find it):

I sharpened mine to 30 and smoothed her skin out a bit.
Duplicate and set it to Screen, opacity 60 (yours may vary with different pictures)
Now I did a Color Balance:
Shadows: -40,0,0
Midtones: 25,0,25
(preserve luminosity on)

[And for those who don't have Color Balance (these may differ with different pictures so fiddle around until you like it):
Red: x162 y168
x95 y97
Green: x162 y176
x80 y108
Blue: x208 y232

Next I used Channel Mixer (♥):
Red: 130, -30, 0
Green: 0, 100, 0
Blue: -30, 60, 100
(preserve luminosity on)

Duplicate your layer and repeat the Channel Mixer, setting it at Saturation, 100.

Next I used a color layer using #111631 and set it at Exclusion (screen, screen, subtract for GIMPers), 100.
Made a new color layer and added the color #b7d7ef setting it at Soft Light, 40.
Duplicate that once and set it at Burn, 60.
Duplicate your base and bring it to the top, setting it at Soft Light, 50 (may vary with your pic).
Now duplicate the new base and do the Channel Mixer again, only this time turn off the luminosity. This gives it a more blue look. Set that at Saturation, 100.

Duplicate that layer and set it at Value, 50. Makes the colors brighter.
Merge all and duplicate.
Do the Channel Mixer (with luminosity on) one the duplicate layer and set it at Color, 70.
Merge and repeat except make it Saturation, 100.
And for the finishing touch I added one more blue color layer and set it at Burn, 20.

And there you go! Hope that was helpful! Would love to see your results. ^_^

Other graphics used similarily:


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