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Tutorial 66

Here's a tutorial that was requested by pernille_is_me. ♥ I'm so sorry this is incredibly late!!

For this:

I really wanted to do a manipulation for my header so I went and chose a picture from fakingfashion at this post here:

I needed a picture of Emma Watson facing forward so I used this picture:

I made my banner to match my layout, so it was 800x300, but you can make your picture into whatever way you like it. This is only a reference so that you can come up with your own ideas. :)

Now! I cut her face out and put it on the model's. Had to change the color a bit to match the paleness of the model. You can change the color of the picture you want by using anything from color balance, levels, curves, etc.

Changed the face a bit more using the smudge tool to fit and then retook the model picture and made it smaller on a new layer so you could see her whole dress.
Then I cut around her dress so that it would blend with the background picture.

Next I merged all of the layers and sharpened it to 40 to get a better definition in the faces.
Alright! Now onto the coloring fav! xD I duplicated the merged layers twice and put the first one at Multiply, opacity 100 and the second one at Soft Light, 100.
Made three color layers:
First layer: and put the color #010516 setting it at Exclusion (screen, screen, subtract for GIMPers), 60.
Second layer: and put the color #010516 setting it at Soft Light, 60.
Third layer: and put the color #010516 setting it at Burn 20.
Those colors give the model's skin more color. Merge.

Next I wanted the skin to stand out a bit more so I used the Channel Mixer:
Red: 130, -30, 0
Green: 0, 100, 0
Blue: -30, 60, 100
(preserve luminosity on)

Then I used a Color Balance to take some of the red away and bring out the blues:
Midtones: -50, 0, 0
(preserve luminosity on)

Then I duplicated the base layer and set the layer at Screen, 20 (these will always depend on your picture. Mine was a bit too dark).
Merged all that and duplicated, setting the duplicate at Subtract, 40.
Don't merge! Haha it looks ugly right now but wait, it gets better. :P

Ok, I am adding textures now. :D I used the second texture from colortone, the third by lovelamp and the fourth by peoplemachines:
(this one is by??)

Take them both and make them at Multiply, 100. Desaturate the second texture. Duplicate the second texture and Invert it (Colors:Invert). Set that layer at Screen, 100. That gives it a cool look. ;D
For the third texture I kinda copied it and scattered it around. :) I set that at Screen, 100.
Whew, and for the last texture I made that as Screen, 100.

For my fonts and all I used Argor Brujsh Scaqh. Pretty font. Made tons of duplicates, making the back ones black and moving them to the side, giving it a shadow-look.
On top of all that, take another texture (lol), I used this one by graphic_sl:

and set that at Screen, 100. I used smaller versions too and scattered those around as well.
Take the base picture and duplicate it, bringing it to the top. Set that at Soft Light, 100. Whew, looks tons better already.
LAST texture, by peoplemachines:

Set that at Multiply, 100.
Did another Channel Mixer as the last one and that is IT! :D

Sorry that it's so long haha but I hope you had fun and I would love to see your results. :D


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