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Tutorial 67

Here's a tutorial that was requested by malibu_xo_rain. :D

From this: to this:

Used this picture of Hermione from the third Harry Potter movie (my FAV out of them all btw):

Made mine into a 400x400. She didn't fit in the 400x400 so I smudged and duplicated (Tools: Paint Tools: Clone) her robe, making it longer.
Now, when I started out I wanted to be somewhat green.
There are sections in the background that were too sharp looking for me so I smudged them and went over that with the blur tool. Then I went over her face with blur tool, making her skin look better and sharpened her eyes. :P
Now I duplicated the base and set it to Screen, opacity 100.
The best way I figured to get a green color was to do this:
I made a new layer and added this color #e7e31b and set it at Soft Light, 58 (this depends on your picture).

Then I used Color Balance:
Midtones: -100, -55, -15
Shadows: 0, 5, 2
Highlights: 0, 0, 3
(preserve luminosity)

[And for those who don't have Color Balance (these may differ with different pictures so fiddle around until you like it):
Input: 60, 1, 255
Input: 55, 1, 255
Output: 77, 255
Input: 0, 1.10, 255
Output: 60, 255
Input: 0, 1.40, 255
Output: 60, 255

Then I did Hue+Saturation to bring some color into her skin:
Saturation: 30

Next I used Levels to darken the picture without taking too much away:
Input: 57, 1.10, 245
Output: 16, 255
Output: 16, 255

I duplicated the base layer and added a touch of green on the duplicate. Made that Color, 40.
Ok, now I made three new layers:
First layer: and put the color #010b1a setting it at Exclusion (screen, screen, subtract for GIMPers), 100. (Using dark blue with the ending being subtract brings out the green)
Second layer: and put the color #fde6fc and set it at Soft Light, 40. (To bring out her skin)
Third layer: and put the color #abd1f4 and set it at Burn, 50.
Merge all.
Duplicate the base. I did the following on that layer:
Red: 169, -60, 0
Green: 0, 100, 0
Blue: -69, 60, 100
(preserve luminosity on)

Make that into Saturation, 70.

I made her eyes stand out a bit by adding a layer and putting white paint over her eyes, setting that at Soft Light.
Now I made three new layers to add textures on. :) The first layer I added this texture by (????), blurring it (you can blur it or not, it depends on what look you want):

setting that at Multiply, 50, then duplicating that and setting the duplicate at Burn, 80.
I added the scratchy texture by peoplemachines, duplicated that three times and mixed those around.

Last but not least I used the texture by lovelamp and mixed that around. :)

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to see your results!

Other graphics used similarily:


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