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Tutorial 68

Here's a tutorial that was requested by september_nine. x*

From this: to this:

I used this picture of the Star Wars group from the fourth Star Wars movie:

Unfortunately I did not save the xcf for this picture so I will be doing this by memory. :)
I only made this banner for a header on top of my icons stuff :P so I wanted it to be fun to look at, hence the squiggles. Lol.
I learned this technique a long time ago by faux_secrets. :D
Path Tool
Tool: Path (B)

Made red, black and blue lines with the Path Tool, making them all move around the bodies differently so they could stand out and be seen. :D

I don't have the xcf for the file so I do not know what font I used. :( I made the front text blue, the text in the back red and then added a shadow in the middle. :P
Now I made two new layers to add textures on. The first layer I added this texture by (????), shrinking it to fit the picture:

setting that at Multiply, 50, then duplicating that and setting the duplicate at Burn, 100. Duplicate that once to enhance it. :)
I added the scratchy texture by peoplemachines and set that at Screen, 100. I duplicated this once too:

I duplicated the base and brought it over on top of the first texture and set that at Soft Light, 100.

And that's it! I hope this was easy for you to follow. I would love to see your results!

Other graphics used similarily:


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