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10,000 Kiriban

Only 300 more to go!

It's coming up for my deviantart account, so I thought I'd celebrate! :D Other people have been doing it and I thought, "why not?" :P So! Here's what you do:

1. Take a full screen shot with the time included
2. Upload it to your DA scraps (for those who don't have deviantart use Tumblr, email, or facebook)
3. Send it to me via note

I'll take a drawing request (and give 5 points unless you don't have a deviantart account then just the drawing) from the first person who sends me the screenshot. :D
For those who don't know what a kiriban is, see here.
Thanks everyone for viewing my artwork! I really appreciate it, you guys are awesome! ♥
Tags: deviantart, fun, houser, kiriban, val, val houser, valerie, valliegurl

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