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Padme Amidala

Winners for Photomanipulation Contest

Hello everyone! Sorry about not posting the winners last night. It was really busy at my parents house for Easter. (: There were tons of relatives over and a few friends. It was extremely fun! I am thoroughly exhausted but it's all good. (:

And the winners are...

First Place Winner is EowynRus.

First place wins one portrait drawing/painting of your choice and 50 points and 4 features on truenotme's journal.

2nd Place Winner is Ithildiel.

Second place wins: 2nd Place: One portrait of your choice and 30 points and 2 features on truenotme's journal.

3rd Place Winner is LuminaOnasi.

Third place wins: 1 feature on truenotme's journal.

Message me anytime for your prizes! (: Thank you to everyone who entered! Your entries were wonderful! ♥